Officers arrested three people last week for fraud with bank cards, the police reported on Wednesday.

They would have stolen the cards with bank help desk fraud.

Bank help desk fraud (also known as spoofing) is a form of fraud in which scammers call their victims using an existing bank phone number.

They pose as bank employees to take money from people.

Some scammers say that bank cards have become 'infected' and therefore need to be replaced.

They collect these bank cards from the victims.

The police were able to arrest the suspects after checking a car on Tarwelaan in Eindhoven.

An officer recognized the driver of the vehicle of a spoofing case in Den Bosch.

The occupants, two men from Eindhoven, aged 22 and 17, were arrested.

A third suspect was arrested during a search of a house on Woldberglaan.

It concerns a 29-year-old woman, the sister of the 22-year-old suspect.

Various items were found in the house and in her car that are believed to have been used in other fraud cases.

Police also found large amounts of cash in the house.

Because this money presumably comes from illegal activities, it has been confiscated by the agents.

The police are investigating the possibility of designating and confiscating the goods as criminal assets.

The woman and the youngest suspect were released after their interrogation, but remain suspects in the case.

The 22-year-old man has been brought before the examining magistrate and will remain in custody for another two weeks.