The Ministry of Health says it has found a new way to keep fraudulent QR codes out of the CoronaCheck app.

A ministry spokesperson confirmed this to on Thursday after reporting by the



Fraudulent QR codes, for example obtained illegally, will now disappear from the CoronaCheck app.

In the background, the app constantly checks whether a code is on the blacklist, so that it can no longer be loaded.

The ministry does not provide details about how this works "so as not to play into the hands of fraudsters".

Measures can also be taken against people who use false QR codes if personal data is known about them.

The ministry says it will hand over that information to the police.

"Using and offering these codes is punishable," said the spokesperson.

"So the police may then take action, for example by imposing a fine on the fraudulent person."

Many fraudulent vaccination certificates are being offered on social media, in online groups and on the dark web.

At the beginning of November, the



that false QR codes were in circulation.

Subsequently, dozens of such codes were blocked by the ministry.

It later turned out that thousands of false QR codes had been put into circulation as a result of large-scale fraud at the GGD at Schiphol.

The ministry filed a complaint against a test provider who allegedly issued false evidence.