A man in his 30s who called 112 and gave a 'murder case notice' was taken to the hospital by the police.

Yesterday (24th), according to the Yangsan Police Station in Gyeongsangnam-do, around 10:14 pm on the 23rd, a call was made saying, "A murder is taking place."

It was found that the caller was a man in his 30s living in an apartment in downtown Yangsan, who reported the call because of the noise between floors in the house above. It is said that Mr. A's upper house moved on the same day.

After receiving the report, two people were dispatched to the police, and Mr. A gave gibberish such as "I hear a woman screaming" and "You are trying to kill me", and then suddenly tried to run upstairs with a screwdriver in the house.

The police, who immediately subdued Mr. A, found a small barrel containing a large number of cutter blades in the pocket of Mr. A's clothes and confiscated it.

The police decided that A was in danger of harming not only others but also himself, and hospitalized him in an emergency.

Emergency hospitalization refers to a request for admission to a psychiatric institution with the consent of a doctor and a police officer when a person suspected of being mentally ill or at high risk of harm is discovered.

The police said that they plan to consult with A's guardian and related organizations so that even after 3 days of emergency hospitalization is over, Mr.

Administrative hospitalization refers to the admission of mentally ill persons who are at risk of self-injury by the head of a city, county, or gu.

A police official said, "It is not a situation where you directly harmed others, so it is not subject to criminal punishment."

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(Photo = Yonhap News)