The face and identity of the so-called 'stalker killer' who brutally murdered a woman in her 30s after stalking it has been revealed. My name is Byungchan Kim, 35 years old. The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency held a Personal Disclosure Deliberation Committee on the afternoon of the 24th and thought that there was sufficient evidence of Kim's crime, brutally murdered the victim, such as preparing a weapon in advance, and that there was a public interest, such as a crime prevention effect. It was decided to reveal the identity of Mr.

On the morning of the same day, the victim's family posted a petition to the Blue House, demanding that ① Kim be sentenced to death, ② punished and apologized to the police officer for the poor response, and ③ the victim protection system should be improved. SBS reporters conducted an interview with the bereaved family after the police's decision to disclose their identity became known. "We welcome the police's decision to disclose the identity of the police," the bereaved family said. "We earnestly appeal to the government and public authorities to relieve the victim's injustice by imposing the death penalty on the murderer." Interviews with the bereaved family are organized in a question-and-answer format.

※ In order to minimize secondary damage such as exposing the identity of victims and their families, some contents including titles have been rewritten.

Q. Kim Byung-chan's identity has been revealed. I'm curious about the family's position.

A. There were many parts where the police were not good at responding to the incident, but the decision to disclose the identity is taken as a sign that the murderer will be severely punished. This does not end with this, and I earnestly appeal to all those in public power, including the government and police, that Kim Byung-chan, who brutally murdered the victim, can be sentenced to death so that the injustice of the victim can be relieved.

Q. Yesterday, I submitted a public petition to the Blue House. What is the meaning of the petition?

A. It is so heartbreaking and so heartbreaking. After eating, the victim can no longer eat this. When you walk around the streets and see good things, the victims can no longer enjoy it, they can't enjoy it. Every time such a sad thought weighs on the bereaved family. Byungchan Kim was very intelligent. He stated that the crime was accidental. It's by no means accidental. Everything was planned and done calmly. An autopsy revealed that he stabbed the victim dozens of times, and there must have been a lot of blood, but I think he must have prepared a change of clothes for the escape. He took the victim's cell phone and threw it in the Gangnam area, switched to airplane mode to make tracking difficult, and then fled. I would like to be able to pay the price for my sins so that the rest of my family who are isolated from society can live in peace.

Q. In the petition, you pointed out not only severe punishment for the perpetrators but also the poor response of the police and the need to improve the victim protection system. What is the purpose?

A. Victims cannot come back.

However, a similar case has recurred, and I have posted (petition) so that other people do not feel as much pain as the bereaved family is feeling.

And when I look at the records such as messages left by the victims, I often wondered, "Is this really the Korean police?" and "Is this the reality of Korea?"

I believe that those involved in the victim's death must be held accountable.

And I don't understand why they apologize only to the people, without even making an official apology or condolences to the victims.

I think the first thing to do is to apologize to the victim.

Q. At the end of the petition, you asked several times that the public's 'interest' was absolutely necessary.

With what kind of heart did you ask?

A. I hope that many people will be aware of the reality of the current victim protection system and pay attention to prevent this from happening again.

I'm begging you.

Be sure to look for the petition and agree to it, showing that you care a lot.

I hope that the people who make laws and monitor whether the laws are properly enforced will be able to move, so that the people's injustice will be relieved.

Victims cannot return.

However, the bereaved family promised to relieve the victim's injustice.

Q. What was the most disappointing thing about the victim protection system?

A. The victim reported it several times and complained of pain, but (the police) constantly demanded evidence, and without evidence, the criminal could not be arrested. 


This seems to be the reality of Korea. If a woman is at risk, the person putting it at risk should be investigated first. To make matters worse, if there is a misunderstanding, it can be resolved after that. Even if such a misunderstanding occurs a hundred times, I am ready to endure such inconvenience if one bad thing can be prevented. It is necessary to eliminate gaps by improving the manual, such as not only simply ordering a restraining order, but also deploying dedicated personnel to protect victims. The victim was also relieved when Kim Byung-chan was ordered to restrain his access and received a smart watch. Even if the victim didn't disclose the stalking fact out of fear that the family would be concerned, I think it should also be considered to let the family know so that they can work it out together.

Q. You said you wanted to relieve the injustice of the victim. How do you think you can solve the injustice?

A. The victim did not inform his family about the stalking in order to protect his family.

But already the bereaved families are starting to worry that the killer will be released and get revenge.

I hope that in accordance with the will of the victim, the murderer must be sentenced to death so that he can never appear in society again so that the rest of his family can live comfortably.

Also, I think that if the government and police failed to respond despite constant requests for rescue, if they find the responsible person, reprimand them, and sincerely apologize to the victims, the resentment will be relieved to some extent.

Also, I hope that there will be no more similar victims in the future as a result of the victim's incident.


Meanwhile, as a result of checking the transcript of the 112 report on the 9th of this month in relation to some of the petitions from the bereaved family, the contents of "I can't help you without evidence. I can't help you only if you have a photo or video with you" is actually true. No, instead, when asked, "I will send a police officer. Where can I send it?", the victim explained that he replied, "I'm away from the scene now, and I don't know where the perpetrator is."

The police also replied, "There is nothing I can do (in the current situation), but if you need help from the police while commuting, I will help you if you contact me again. said there is.