A man in his 60s was arrested by the police after making more than 90 calls saying that the woman he likes did not meet him, and at dawn he went to the woman's house and broke the window with a brick.

Gyeonggi Gwangmyeong Police Station arrested a 64-year-old man A, who ran away after throwing a brick at a window at a woman's house in the morning of the morning of the 24th on charges of the Stalking Crime Punishment Act and property damage.

As a result of the police investigation, it was revealed that this man had previously visited the victim's 56-year-old B's house and knocked on the door, forcing him to "Let's meet. Let's live together" several times.

In the early morning of yesterday, it was investigated that he made more than 90 calls to Mr. B.

When the victim did not answer his phone, it was revealed that he went home and committed the crime.

The police ordered A to prohibit access to the victim's residence and access to communication media.

A smart watch was provided to Mr. B, who requested personal protection.