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delivery man who was delivering the parcel at dawn walked around the apartment hallway with his pants off, and the police launched an investigation.

The explanation was also absurd, reporter Kim Sang-min reports.


This is a video filmed on the 7th floor of an apartment building in Sangil-dong, Seoul at dawn four days ago.

A male deliveryman walks down the hallway carrying the shipment with his pants and underwear fully down.

This man, who appeared on the upper floor in the same condition, stopped at the CCTV and then slowly turned back and raised his pants.

The delivery man's chutae was caught by two women who lived upstairs and downstairs.

[Victim: A friend (who lives downstairs) checked his personal CCTV, and there was a bit of a strange scene, so I asked if he had it delivered to my house early in the morning. I also ordered early morning delivery (I checked it right away.)] I

wouldn't have known until the end if it hadn't been for the women's personal CCTV installed in front of the door.

[Victim: One of the things that seems to have a lot of intentions is that he put his top on and walked around holding it. If we actually met... .] When

women inquired with Coupang, a delivery company, they were told that she was the husband of a female delivery person who was entrusted with delivery as an individual, not a full-time employee.

[Customer Center - Victim's Call: 'Flex' (consignment delivery man) is supposed to deliver alone, but I think he was trying to get some help, so he must have taken her husband this time.] The

deliveryman's explanation was even more absurd.

[Customer Center - Victim's Call: My husband took down his pants to urinate on the street because he was in a hurry to urinate, and then went to the first floor to urinate on the street because he was carrying the box (I heard the word.)]

Apartment management who checked the delivery man's


The office determined it was a false explanation and reported it to the police.

[Administrative office staff: (don't stop on the 1st floor) I go down to the 2nd basement floor right away.

I think it came by car.

Since it's not a top car, I must have gone to the underground parking lot.] The

police requested Coupang to verify the identity of the man.

Coupang said that the delivery person entrusted with the delivery broke the contract and was working with her husband.

(Video coverage: Seol Min-hwan, video editing: Lee Hong-myung)