It was belatedly known that Jared Hoing, a foreign player who helped KT's first Korean Siris win, was banned from leaving the country.

Hoying, whose measures were lifted after 6 days of departure ban, will return home tomorrow (26th).

"Hoying was banned from leaving the country last week," a Hoying official said in a phone call with SBS today. said.

The official added, "Hoying has had a hard time for the past 6 days. He is not sure when his second child will be born, so he plans to return to the United States tomorrow."

Hoying received a departure ban from the Ministry of Justice at 5:30 pm on the 19th, the day after KT's winning the Korean Series.

Daejeon Tax Office is known to have requested the Ministry of Justice to ban departure, expecting Ho Ying, who has arrears in tax, to leave the country immediately after winning the championship.

Hoying, who was preparing to return home as his wife's childbirth was imminent, literally fell into a 'mind' at the news of the departure ban.

Ho Ying was banned from leaving the country because of arrears in taxes. Hoying received a notice of tax notice from the Daejeon Tax Office at her residence in the United States in January. The Daejeon Tax Office determined that Hoying was subject to global income taxation the following year because he stayed in Daejeon for more than 183 days, which is the domestic resident requirement between 2018 and 2019 during the Hanwha era. However, Hoying returned to the United States after completing the 2018-2019 season and paid income tax returns and residual taxes in his home country. Because I haven't heard from the club and the tax office about the domestic residency requirement. After receiving the notice of tax notice, Hoying prepared the relevant documents with a tax accountant hired in the United States. However, due to COVID-19, administrative work was delayed, and the appeal period of about 3 months was exceeded. The Daejeon Tax Office then classified Ho Ying as a tax delinquent.

While resolving the tax arrears, Hoying received an offer from KT. Hoying, who wanted to return to the KBO league, signed a contract with KT, but tax arrears were a hindrance. A work visa was not issued, and KT, in dire straits, asked Hoing to pay the down payment as tax. Hoying also accepted this and entered Korea with difficulty at the end of July. When the Daejeon Tax Office found out that Hoing had entered Korea, it began to seize Hoing's salary. The tax collected by the Daejeon Tax Office is about 580 million won, and all of the 400,000 dollars (470 million won) contracted with KT is expected to be seized.

Hoying worked penniless, but did not show any hardship.

He contributed to the team's regular season victory, and in Game 4 of the Korean Series, he hit a two-run home run, which was the key to winning the game, winning the game MVP.

Ho Ying, who received 1 million won in prize money, was asked by reporters 'How will the MVP prize money be used?' With a bitter smile, he said, "I'm being seized by the Daejeon tax office, so I don't have any money, so I have to ask Daejeon."

It is expected that not only the match MVP prize money but also the winning bonus from KT will be confiscated.

However, we plan to faithfully complete the remaining tax arrears by applying for installment payment.

Although he had a difficult time personally, Hoying tasted his first win as a player.

Hoing wants to continue his relationship in Korea.

"I'm ready to come if the team wants it," he said. "I will return to America and focus on taking care of my body while helping my wife give birth."

(Photo = Yonhap News)