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government was going to announce strengthened quarantine measures tomorrow (26th), but canceled the schedule a while ago. We discussed ways to expand the quarantine pass to teenagers, but could not reach a final conclusion. However, the government's position is that we will not immediately stop our daily recovery and return to the old social distancing.

More details will be provided by Reporter Park Soo-jin.


The topic of the Daily Recovery Support Committee held this morning was the expansion of quarantine passes.

It is said that the target of the quarantine pass should be expanded as a minimum measure to break the recent worsening trend.

In particular, there were many opinions that the quarantine pass should be applied to children and adolescents under the age of 18, who are the exceptions.

There was also an opinion that the quarantine pass should be applied to restaurants and cafes so that only those who have completed the vaccination can use it, but it is known that there was a lot of opposition from the self-employed and small business groups participating in the committee.

[Kim Ki-hong / Co-CEO of Self-Employed Emergency Response Committee: Now we need to prepare a loss compensation plan for the decreased sales when the quarantine pass is applied. (Compensation plan) should be announced together like a package, so it is not right to talk about quarantine first and then compensation.]

However, at the meeting, it was reported that the Ministry of Strategy and Finance was negative about the additional loss compensation opinion.

It was found that there was no discussion about triggering an emergency plan in the metropolitan area, limiting business hours for multi-use facilities, or reducing the number of people using it.

The government is also cautious about intensive measures to suspend normal recovery and strengthen social distancing again.

[Gwondeokcheol / Secretary of Health and Human Services. Yet it so more across the board further strengthen our distancing from any addition or review the situation either stop the current day recovery phase of the angoyo itjineun]

government tomorrow, enhanced preventative measures I canceled the plan I was going to announce a while ago.

This seems to be because there was no consensus and there was no effective plan to come up with an additional one.

(Video coverage: Kim Min-cheol, Video editing: Lee So-young, CG: Seo Hyun-joong) 

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