A report from a 20-year-old soldier said that he contracted a rare disease and was discharged early after being vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine in the military.

According to a media report today (25th), Private Seongwook Kim, who enlisted in a healthy state in January of this year, contracted autoimmune encephalitis after being vaccinated with Pfizer in early June, and is expected to be discharged early this week.

Autoimmune encephalitis is a rare disease that occurs when immune cells that have to defend against bacteria and bacteria attack the brain. It presents symptoms such as memory loss, epileptic seizures, abnormal behavior, and decreased consciousness, and treatment can last for at least 2-3 years and lifelong.

Private Kim underwent an ankle core removal operation and spinal nerve block at the Armed Forces Capital Hospital in April and June last year, and received the vaccine while still not feeling well. Since then, he has suffered from autoimmune encephalitis and has been suddenly unconscious and collapsed repeatedly.

Private Kim, who had lost consciousness for about a minute every day until just a few months ago, was transferred to the Armed Forces Capital Hospital when treatment became difficult. While receiving outpatient treatment at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, my condition improved a lot, but I have already collapsed 3 times this month.

On the 22nd, while going for outpatient treatment at the hospital, he collapsed in an alley with few people, and when he woke up alone, his shirt was torn and his body was covered in dust.

In September, the Armed Forces Capital Hospital judged that "Private Kim was diagnosed with a mental and physical disorder, making life in the military difficult." Accordingly, the Army Headquarters is holding a discharge screening committee, and if the final decision is made, Private Kim will return to civilian status next month.

The problem is that even if Private Kim is discharged from the military, he does not know when he will suddenly collapse again, and it is difficult to lead a normal life because he is slurred. It is said that the military has not yet announced a specific compensation plan for treatment after discharge.

Private Kim said, "I want to give up everything now and I want to stop living. It's really hard." "I don't know if I'll be able to find a job even if I'm discharged, and I'm not sure how to pay for hospital expenses if I can't work. .

He continued, "The military came up with a support plan and I was discharged without any action, so I don't believe." “, he added.

He also appealed, "If I hadn't enlisted in the military, I would have been living a good life without getting sick. It's unfair," he said.

In response, an official from the Armed Forces Medical Command explained, "Even if Private Kim is discharged from the military, he can receive medical support for six months as in active duty in accordance with the regulations. After that, the Army Headquarters deliberates and decides on compensation and applications for veterans."

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(Photo = Provided by Private Seongwook Kim / Yonhap News)