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A man in his 40s has been arrested in Pohang for slandering and slandering his ex-lover.

Today (24th), the Pohang Northern Police Station announced that 45-year-old A was arrested on charges of stalking (violation of the Stalking Crime Punishment Act and defamation) by verbally and intimidating the ex-lover.

This is the first case of arrest in Pohang by applying the Stalking Punishment Act.

Mr. A is accused of posting a slanderous notice exposing the privacy of his ex-lover B on the front door of an elementary school in Pohang on the 14th of last month.

It was identified that A was trying to publicly disgrace by including the contents of the notice that revealed B's real name and private life.

The elementary school where the notice was posted was where B's child was attending.

In addition, Mr. A is also accused of sending threatening text messages to Mr. B more than 10 times since October 20 and repeatedly visiting Mr. B's house to cause fear and anxiety.

The police, who received the stalking report, issued a warning letter to Mr. A, saying, "Continuing following the opponent's refusal is an act of stalking. If you do this again, you will be punished."

The police arrested Mr. A, seeing that this behavior of Mr. A satisfies the 'continuity' and 'repeatability', which are the core requirements of the Punishment of the Stalking Punishment Act.

During the police investigation, it is known that Mr. A admitted to all the crimes, saying, "I was angry because my girlfriend kept avoiding me."

"Stalking is a heinous crime that gnaws at the soul of the victim," said an official from the North Pohang Department.

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