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the same time, Chun Doo-hwan was being tried in the Gwangju District Court as a defendant in a defamation case until his death.

In addition, since there is no money, there are more than 90 billion won in fines that have not been paid so far. Reporter Son Hyung-an summarized how it will be dealt with in the future after Mr. Jeon's death.


Chun Doo-hwan was charged with defamation of lions by accusing the late Father Jovio of being an unscrupulous liar in his memoir in 2017, who testified that he witnessed the May 18 helicopter shooting.

While undergoing trial at his home in Yeonhui-dong, Gwangju District Court, Jeon did not admit his mistake until the end.

[Gwangju citizen (last March 2019): Chun Doo-hwan apologizes in front of the May 18 Heroic Spirit! Make an apology!]

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before Mr district court was found guilty and is currently on appeal.

However, since the defendant, Mr. Jeon, has died, the trial is expected to end with a decision to dismiss the prosecution in accordance with the relevant laws.

[Ryu Bong-geun / Public Affairs Judge of Gwangju District Court: If the court receives data to know the fact of the defendant's death, the trial date of the appeals trial will not proceed any longer, and a decision to dismiss the prosecution is likely to be made on the grounds that the defendant has died.]

However, a separate civil trial related to Mr. Jeon's memoir may continue in the form of succession to the parties.

It is inevitable that Chun will be affected by the recovery of fines, which was confirmed by the Supreme Court in 1997 along with life imprisonment on charges of civil rebellion and bribery.

About KRW 95.6 billion, or 43%, of the total fine of KRW 220.5 billion has not yet been recovered.

Under this circumstance, the procedure for enforcing fines on Jeon's property became impossible.

Prosecutors said that they are reviewing relevant legal principles to determine whether to recover the borrowed-name property, etc., transferred to a third party by Mr. Jeon.

In addition, the local tax that Mr. Jeon owes to Seoul is 982 million won, and the city of Seoul plans to sell expensive items seized during the search and seizure process of Mr. Jeon's home in 2018.

(Video coverage: Lee Chan-soo, Choi Dae-woong, Na Byeong-wook KBC, video editing: Lee Hong-myeong)