A consumer report came out that an apology and compensation were not made even though the desiccant was found in the bread made at a famous bakery in a large department store in Korea.

According to Yonhap News on the 23rd, a woman in her 40s living in Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, bought watermelon bread, banana bread, strawberry bread, etc. from Bakery C located in Department Store B near her house last week.

Returning home, Mr. A ate about two-thirds of strawberry bread to his 33-month-old daughter, and while eating the rest, he felt a sticky foreign body and spit out the bread.

The bread contained pellets of desiccant that appeared to have popped out of the plastic wrap.

The next day, Mr. A complained to the department store and received an apology from the food and beverage manager. However, the assertion of Mr. A is that the person in charge of the bread company told him to 'present the amount of money you want first' without a proper apology.

Person A said, "The bread was filled with round desiccant grains bursting, and the company said, 'How much will you close your mouth?'" said Mr.

A department store official said, "It seems that a desiccant was used in the process of kneading and baking the bread."

He added, "Department store and bakery managers have personally visited the victim and apologized and are discussing compensation plans."

However, Mr. A said, "Department stores and companies offered 500,000 won as compensation, but if they refuse it, insurance will be processed and the amount of compensation may be reduced," he said.

He explained the situation, "I bought it with the belief that it was a store in a department store, but I don't seem to know the seriousness of the situation," he said.

The Food Sanitation Act 'must be kept clean and hygienic when collecting, manufacturing, processing, using, cooking, storing, subdividing, transporting or displaying food or food additives'and is stipulated. If foreign substances enter food, it is subject to a fine of not more than 5 million won and corrective action in violation of the Food Sanitation Act.

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(Photo = Yonhap News)