Competition and innovation are usually directly related to each other.

Strong competitive pressure accelerates the development of new technical processes to make products better and cheaper.

The examples are legion.

Conversely, monopoly-like conditions are often accompanied by standstill or crippling stagnation.

Compare how innovative Google 20 years ago or Microsoft 30 years ago were with their current developments.

There is, however, a sector in which the monopoly does not retire, but on the contrary starts up with a firework of innovations from year to year.

Without pressure from competitors, one of the Chinese drone manufacturers DJI continues to amaze.

The developers of the new Mavic 3 quickly increased the flight time with one battery charge from 30 to 45 minutes without making the machine even a gram heavier.

An optical system with the technical framework conditions of the system cameras from Panasonic or Olympus is now installed.

The result: spectacular photos and videos that are so rich in detail that they can no longer be stored on memory cards, the drone has an SSD on board.

The Mavic 4 will then be broadcast live on YouTube in 2022 and will dock with the ISS space station on longer tours.