There has been a lot of criticism recently that the police, which are supposed to protect people's lives and property, and to keep them safe, have failed to fulfill their roles. Now let's take a closer look at two incidents that are causing people's anger to grow.

First, we obtained the contents of a social media conversation that a woman in her 30s, who died of persistent stalking, had with her friends. It contains the content of the victim, frustrated that the police did not move without evidence, and struggled to gather evidence that he was threatened.

Reporter Han Seong-hee covered the story.


Early in the morning of the 7th, 12 days before the crime took place.

The perpetrator, Kim Mo, went to the victim's house and threatened him.

The woman was startled and reported to the police, and after Kim returned, she moved to a temporary shelter.

But two days later, Kim appeared in front of the victim's workplace.

The woman confessed to her friend that Mr. Kim, who she encountered, was 'so scared' and threatened with 'Do you want to be stabbed while commuting' and 'Do you want to continue living like this?'

Kim also threatened to say, 'Do you want to see me go to jail that much?'

The victim said, "I'm afraid of what will really happen if I keep avoiding like this."

[Friend A: I kept feeling sorry. I was really sorry every time I saw you, so to us. (So) ‘How difficult it will be for us if we don’t watch this, so don’t think like that and let’s do our best.’] I was

terrified at every moment

, but I

was frustrated with the passive attitude of the police.

The police said, "I keep asking for evidence," and said, "I don't seem to be moving because there is no evidence."

Kim frequently took the woman's cell phone and deleted the conversation history containing the stalking situation, and the woman even entrusted digital forensics to a private company to restore the deleted conversation.

[Friend B: The police asked me to submit direct evidence, but the assailant forcibly took my cell phone and deleted all existing conversations, and my cell phone was damaged in the process. I made a request for you, forensics… .] I

was disappointed when the company said that it was technically difficult to restore.

[Friend C: (KakaoTalk) Log-in records went back and forth between two mobile phones, and they all were lost in the middle.]

Still, the woman trusted the police and the smartwatch to protect the victim.

Even after being threatened by Mr. Kim, who came to the company, he said, "The police station is right in front of my nose, so God helped me."

However, the woman was victimized by a brutal stalking crime even after she tapped the smart watch she trusted twice in the hallway of her officetel near the police station.

(Video coverage: Yang Doo-won, video editing: Kim Jong-tae, CG: Seo Hyun-joong)