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sad case in which a woman in her 30s was killed while being stalked by a man, I told you yesterday (19th), but the suspect man was arrested today. The victim was wearing a smart watch to protect herself, but she was not protected in an emergency due to a large error.

First of all, I am a reporter Im Sang-beom.


A man accused of stalking and killing a woman in her 30s is sent to the Central Police Station in Seoul.

[Mr./Suspect A: (Do you admit to the murder? Do you have anything to say to the victim and bereaved family?) I'm sorry.] The

police said that they caught Mr. A, who fled today, at a lodging in Daegu during the day.

CCTV near the victim's house is known to contain a scene where A wearing a black hat, 189 cm tall, threatened the victim at around 11:30 am yesterday, and then pulled out a weapon and stabbed several times and escaped.

The suspect was caught, but the problem of how to protect the victim of stalking was also revealed.

The victim, who had been stalked by Mr. A, was provided with a smart watch for personal protection, and when Mr. A's threat started yesterday, he sent a danger signal to the police through the smart watch.

However, the police, who arrived one minute later, went to the Myeong-dong area, 500 meters away from the scene, and conducted a search operation.

Since the location information sent by the smart watch depends on the signal from the base station of the telecommunication company, an error of up to 2 km can occur.

Four minutes later, the victim signaled again, and the police, who found the location only then, ran to, but the victim had already been stabbed.

After the first call, it took 12 minutes for the police to arrive at the scene.

The police said that the improvement system that reduces the error range to 50m has been piloting since last month, but it seems that it has not been applied to the victims of this case.

The police plan to apply for an arrest warrant for Mr.

(Video coverage: Park Dae-young, Lee Chan-soo, Video editing: Lee Hong-myung)   

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