This is a family chat room where the victim's family showed that it is okay to disclose it to SBS reporters. The victim sent a cash card to ask her parents to take herbal medicine, and the mother replied that she received it well and thanked her. And just a few hours later, the message of the mother looking for her daughter, she could not even read this short text. The parents said they had no idea that their daughter was suffering from stalking, but the reason they conveyed this pain is in the hope that such a crime will never happen again.

Correspondent Han Seong-hee.


Yesterday (19th), when a woman in her 30s, A, was stabbed to death by a knife wielded by a man who was stalking her, the victim's mother, who lived far away, received a gift from her daughter.

[Victim's mother: Ji bought a card and sent a card because he couldn't send it. I received it by express registration, and at 9:30, he said, 'I received the card well, took the medicine and thanked Mom and Dad', so I said 'Receipts, 3 weeks,' and called at 10.] I

was smiling with pride just the day before, but my mother suddenly said to her daughter I can't believe the reality of letting go.

[Victim's mother: I have to decorate the paperwork for the cremation thing, and my house is finished. Does this make sense? The family has been destroyed, a happy family.] The

daughter, who was always worried about her parents, did not report the stalking damage.

[Victim's mother: It was the first time I heard that you were being threatened for over a year, so steadily, a while ago. I'm being stalked for worrying about my mom and dad, but they don't tell us. I think he trusted one smart watch and didn't say anything.]

However, Mr. A confessed to his friends whom he trusted and relied on.

[Friend A: The bullying started about a year ago, because it has been like this repeatedly since the first time we broke up. He was the first to talk to us while trying to figure out where to turn for help.] The

stalking was persistent.

[Friend B: Choking or something like that was the basics, and if you don't listen when you come in, you pick up a knife and keep going like 'You die, I die' or something like that... .]

[Friend A: I ran away barefoot because I was scared


Friends said that the

assailant took the victim's cell phone and deleted text messages.

[Friend B: You must have known that the (sent) threatening text will harm you later, right? So I deleted it.]

Friends also claimed that the victim asked the police for protection last year, but they knew that it was not helped at the time.

[Friend A: I reported it to a house trespassing once last year, and after that, I said that it was very difficult because of it. 'Are you going to report me again?' and they keep coming to me, 'Report me again,' and they threaten me like this and threaten me again... .]

The police said that there was no confirmation of the report received from Mr. A before the 7th, when Mr. A requested personal protection.

(Video coverage: Chan-soo Lee, video editing: Jong-tae Kim)