Users of music service Spotify can now read along with the lyrics in songs.

The lyrics feature is readily available worldwide to paying and non-paying members.

While listening to a song on Spotify, the lyrics will appear at the bottom of the screen, if available.

Tapping the lyrics box makes the lyrics appear more prominent and can be followed live with the vocals.

The lines scroll automatically.

The feature isn't just available on Android phones and iPhones: in the web version, people can turn on lyrics by clicking the microphone icon in the playback bar.

Furthermore, the lyrics have also been added to Spotify apps on smart TVs and game consoles.

Spotify works together with Musixmatch, an Italian company that focuses on collecting music data, to provide the lyrics.

This means it provides, among other things, song lyrics, but also translations.

Spotify had previously worked with Musixmatch, until the collaboration ended in 2016.

After that, Spotify offered a Behind the lyrics feature for years thanks to a deal with Genius.

That function did show lyrics, but always interrupted them with information about songs.