It was confirmed that the police officers who were dispatched to the scene where a man in his 40s wielded a weapon due to the noise conflict between floors were carrying walkie-talkies and pistols.

During the inspection of the two police officers who were dispatched to the scene, the Incheon Police Agency discovered that the officers had radios, cell phones, pistols, tasers, and tripods.

Earlier, the police, who went down to the first floor even after seeing the man wielding a weapon, explained that it was to request assistance and call the 119 ambulance.

However, the Incheon Police Agency believes that as they had a walkie-talkie, they were able to request support and rescue without leaving their seat.

The police have standards to allow the use of firearms, such as pistols, in the event of a fatal attack that threatens the life of the perpetrator, but it was not used at the scene.