Prosecutors investigating the suspicion of preferential treatment in Daejang-dong have raided the house of former lawmaker Kwak Sang-do and the headquarters of Hana Bank. This is to check if the son of former lawmaker Kwak is paying for his 5 billion won severance pay from Hwacheon Daeyu. The police raided the house of Choi Yoon-gil, former chairman of the Seongnam City Council, who is suspected of receiving a large sum of money from Hwacheon Daeyu.

By Bae Jun-woo.


Prosecutors and investigators enter the apartment where former lawmaker Kwak Sang-do lives.

While access to reporters was blocked, documents and various materials in the house were confiscated.

At the same time, a search and seizure was also conducted at the headquarters of Hana Bank and the former office of former lawmaker Kwak.

Prosecutors believe that Kwak's decisive help related to the Daejang-dong project was responsible for the fact that Kwak's son received a severance pay of 5 billion won from Hwacheon Daeyu.

At the beginning of the Daejang-dong project, when the consortium of Hwacheon Daeyu and Hana Bank was on the verge of bankruptcy, it is suspected that it was blocked based on close acquaintance with Chairman Kim Jung-tae of Hana Financial Group.

In the end, it is the prosecution's judgment that the 5 billion won in severance pay that Kim Man-bae paid to Kwak's son was actually a bribe to Kwak.

Meanwhile, the police also seized and searched the home of former Chairman Choi Yoon-gil to investigate the suspicion of Hwacheon Daeyu's lobbying against Seongnam City Council.

Former Chairman Choi was involved in passing the ordinance on the establishment of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation in relation to the promotion of the Daejang-dong project in February 2013. After that, the Seongnam-do Open Construction, which was launched after that, worked closely with Hwacheon Daeyu, led by former Head of the Department Yoo Dong-gyu, and completed the Daejang-dong development project. Prosecutors believe that he played a leading role in

In connection with this, suspicions of a bribe worth 3 billion won were also raised.

As soon as the analysis of the confiscated data is finished, the prosecution and police plan to call in Kwak Sang-do and former Chairman Choi Yun-gil to investigate.

(Video coverage: Seo Jin-ho, Video editing: Lee Seung-hee)