Yesterday (15th) at a villa in Namdong-gu, Incheon, a man in his 40s wielded a knife at a family member next door, seriously injuring three people. Noise between floors was identified as the motive for the crime, and it was revealed that the man had been notified of a misdemeanor punishment by the police for slandering in front of a neighbor's house 4 hours before the crime.

This is reporter Kang Min-woo.

<Reporter> There

are bloodstains all over the villa.

Yesterday around 4:50 pm, at a villa in Namdong-gu, Incheon, 48-year-old Mo Lee wielded a weapon at the family of Mr. A in his 60s who lived downstairs.

[Neighbors: I was surprised to hear that I passed out while suddenly trying to save someone's life. I see blood just dripping... .] With the

weapon wielded by Mr. Lee, Mr. A and his daughter were injured in the face and hands, and Mr. A's wife, who suffered a neck injury, received emergency treatment at the hospital, but it is known that he is still having difficulty recovering consciousness.

Mr. Lee, who was arrested as a current offender immediately after the crime, was notified by the police officer at the time to appear at the police station on charges of creating anxiety under the Misdemeanor Punishment Act by flirting in front of the same neighbor just four hours ago.

[Neighbors: They kept swearing at the door to open it in order to keep hitting it. In the meantime, he threw away all the parcels that came in front of him.]

Mr. Lee, who was arrested for attempted murder, is known to have stated that he committed a crime due to problems such as noise between floors in a police investigation conducted late last night.

The police plan to apply for an arrest warrant for Lee after conducting additional investigations this morning.