Tired of not having enough visibility on the Internet, a 34-year-old Taiwanese math teacher had the idea of ​​going to a platform ... where few math teachers have taken up residence: PornHub.

“I wondered where to find my target students, let's say college students, and the answer suddenly appeared: adult video platforms.


Play Hard, Study Hard

Chang Hsu's motto on Pornhub is “Play Hard, Study Hard”.

However, he does not completely comply with the rules of the site since he is obviously dressed in his lessons.

This did not prevent her from rising to the 663rd place of the most popular actors and actresses of the platform.

It has thus accumulated nearly 2 million views and more than 7,000 subscribers.

“The online education market is very competitive and I am now able to attract 1,000 students each year, compared to an average of a few hundred for a regular calculus teacher,” he explains.

Do special things in special places

In an interview with Focus Taiwan, Chang says he started sharing videos on Pornhub last May and his marketing strategy is to do “special things in special places”: “Not many people teach math. on adult platforms, and considering how many people watch the videos they host instead, I figured that by uploading my videos there, I could reach a lot of people.


Unfortunately, not all adult platforms are equally receptive to this educational content.

The Xvideos and NXNN sites notably rejected his videos because they were not intended for adults.

New products planned for next month

A success by leading others, other teachers jumped on the bandwagon to also offer their course on Pornhub and try to recover some of this visibility.

This new competition has not, however, demotivated Chang Hsu: “I am preparing a review of the channel next month.

It's still a secret, but what I can tell you right now is that it won't be just me in the videos anymore!



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