The best



in Madrid is eaten at the

Clínica Universidad de Navarra

and is made by the cook

Xandra Luque

, who has won the competition dedicated to this preparation organized by the

Association of Cooks and


of Madrid

(ACYRE Madrid).

The contest, to which more than 25 participants have participated, has left the brothers

Roberto and Sergio Hernández

, from the

Latasia and Taramara


, in second place

, and

Mauro Pérez

(Catering Seis Texturas) in third place, as reported by the Association in a statement.


spherification of

chamomile green



potatoes poached

over a very low heat, a

very natural

pickled bonito in

apple cider vinegar

and free

-range chicken eggs,

" said the winner of the contest about her successful recipe, adding that

they will soon make shipments

so that everyone can taste their salad.

It is the same that is eaten at the

University of Navarra Clinic

, he assured, although for the contest he has added spherification.

Sergio Hernández

has said that for his salad they make a Japanese mayonnaise with rice vinegar, a nice cured with salt, sugar and citrus fruits and to finish a fried Japanese shrimp that "provides crunchy and a touch of salt".

The secret of the

Seis Texturas Catering


, according to Mauro Pérez "are the homemade pickles of gherkin and carrot, which give a sour touch, and the grated potato".

Among the participants of the contest are

Beltrán Alonso

, from Casa Moríes;

Diego Pulido

, from El 5 de Tirso;

Asier Hita

, from La Hoja-La Fueya;

Sergio López

, from La López;

Juanma Muñoz

, from La Malaje, or

Liliana Zairi Vilora

, from Poncelet, among others.

Only 13 of the 25 presented complied with the bases of the contest dedicated to this dish that celebrates its World Day on November 14: include at least two products, from among the mandatory ingredients, with the M for Certified Product that guarantees the quality of the




The jury has been formed, among others, by the president of the Federation of Cooks and Confectioners of Spain and owner of El Qüenco de Pepa, Pepa Muñoz;

Nino Redruello (La Ancha Group) or Julio Miralles (Tatel).

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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