While arresting key people involved in the


incident, the investigation into the Daejang-dong allegation, which seemed to have gone through a hurdle, met an unexpected reef called Corona 19. Several prosecutors and investigators, including the chief prosecutor who oversees the investigation, have been confirmed positive.

Reporter Jeon Byung-nam reports.

<Reporter> So

far, it is known that 6 people among the investigation team in Daejang-dong of the Seoul Central Prosecutor's Office have been confirmed with COVID-19.

Three prosecutors and three investigators, including chief prosecutor Yoo Kyung-pil, were confirmed to have been confirmed in succession.

For this reason, the investigation into Hwacheon Daeyu's major shareholder Kim Man-bae and lawyer Nam Wook, which was scheduled after the arrest, has been stopped.

The third day after the summons was canceled that day (the 5th), the investigation practically stopped.

Prosecutors said, "Director Yoo will communicate with the investigation team in an indirect way," and said that there will be no setbacks in the investigation.

However, not only the chief prosecutor, but also the prosecutors who were in charge of investigating the main suspects must be treated for at least a week, so it seems inevitable that the investigation will be disrupted.

Because of this situation, it is expected that the first additional investigation after the arrest of Kim and Nam will be conducted for the first time tomorrow.

Prosecutors are also known to review whether to re-apply for an arrest warrant through additional investigations against lawyer Jung Min-yong, whose arrest warrant has been dismissed.

The first trial of Yoo Dong-gyu, former head of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, who was the first to be handed over to trial among the key figures in the Daejang-dong suspicion, will be held on Wednesday this week.

As it is the official trial date, Director Yoo appears in person in the courtroom, and the 22nd Criminal Division of the Seoul Central District Court decided to merge the additional charges of breach of trust and proceed with the hearing.

(Video editing: Park Jin-hoon)