The Supreme Prosecutor's Office's Inspection Department seized and searched the high-ranking public official's crime investigation department, which is investigating the so-called 'indictment'.

The Airborne Service issued a search and seizure warrant against the Supreme Prosecutor's Inspection Department this morning.

Although the Ministry of Airlift and Security did not disclose the specific department and scope of the search and seizure, it seems to be a move to identify the author of the complaint and the person who reads and prints the judgment attached with the complaint.

The Airborne Service summoned Prosecutor Son Jun-seong and People's Strength Rep. Kim Woong as suspects for two consecutive days on the 2nd and 3rd, but it is known that they were unable to secure meaningful statements from these two people because they could not present clear material evidence.

Earlier, on September 28, the Airborne Service seized and searched the Office of the Supreme Prosecutor's Office for Investigation and Information.

There are also observations that the reason that the Airborne Service conducted a search and seizure by the Supreme Prosecutor's Office today was to secure material evidence to understand the series of flows that occurred before and after the alleged indictment of the accusation.