Prosecutors have asked the court to sentence the adoptive father who killed a two-year-old adopted child to life in prison.

At the decision hearing held today (the 5th) at the Suwon District Court hearing, the prosecution requested a life sentence for the 36-year-old adoptive father A, who was charged with child abuse and murder.

In addition, a 35-year-old mother-in-law B, who was charged with child abuse and murder, was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Regarding Mr. A, the prosecution said, "Tolerance should not be allowed for crimes that take the lives of children who should be protected and paid attention to. Please take care of it."

Regarding Mr. B, he said, "Even after recognizing the victim's abnormal symptoms, he did not take measures such as taking him to the hospital, so he lost the least precious opportunity to save the victim."

The sentencing date will be on the 25th.

Meanwhile, from mid-April to early May, Ms. C, a 2-year-old adopted child born in August 2018, who was 33 months old at the time, at a residence in Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, refused to listen to her words and insisted on using a wooden back and shoelace. He was charged with hitting him several times with his hands, etc.

B is accused of not taking any action despite knowing this fact.

The two are also accused of leaving Miss C, who was in a semi-coma state due to the assault on the 8th of May, for about 7 hours without taking her to the hospital immediately.

Miss C, who was later transferred to the hospital and receiving treatment, died on July 11.

(Photo = Yonhap News)