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outbreak of Corona, students who entered college could hardly go to school and did not have many opportunities to meet their friends or seniors in person. Now, some schools are preparing festivals along with classes in line with the recovery of daily life.

Reporter Song In-ho delivers this content.

<Reporter> The

rehearsal for the performance is in full swing on the university campus.

The autumn festival started today (2nd) for four days.

Face-to-face performances increased the number of attendees.

Instead, we introduced a 'prevention pass'.

[Kwon Ik-Hyun / Seoul National University's 'Festival People' General Manager: Up to 70 people are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. PCR test negative, rapid molecular diagnostic test negative, and only those who have passed 2 weeks after completion of vaccination are checked in real time like this (entry)]

Although it is not a large-scale performance like before the corona crisis, it is expected that you can enjoy the romance of the autumn campus. The students' faces were bright.

[Kwon Jae-yoon/Seoul National University Chinese Language and Literature freshman: I applied because they are now conducting classes and holding festivals face-to-face.]

[Kim Ye-in/Seoul National University, 1st year Chinese Language and Literature: I think I am having a festival like a college student for the first time. trembling... .]

Some universities are still cautious about face-to-face festivals and are replacing them with videos such as YouTube.

[Kim Chae-soo/President of Soongsil University Student Council: I wanted to introduce the campus and show you that there are some restaurants in the school, some things to enjoy, and such benefits.

Maybe next year, it will be possible to expand it a bit and move on to a pub or an existing festival…


Universities, which had been offering non-face-to-face classes for nearly two years, expanded face-to-face classes this month, and their campuses are also revitalizing.

You must have a quarantine pass to participate in face-to-face classes, but empty classrooms and libraries are filled with enthusiasm for learning.

[Cho Chae-won / Soongsil University 2nd year chemical engineering department: I can listen to lectures at any time, and I can meet professors as well, so it's nice.]

Universities have made a principle of 'face-to-face classes' from the seasonal semester this winter, and from the first semester of next year, complete face-to-face classes. We are preparing the academic calendar so that classes can take place.

(Video editing: Tae-ho Yoon, VJ: Se-gwan Oh)

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