ZEvent 2021: 10 million euros raised on the Twitch streaming platform

ZEvent is a charity event organized on Twitch, the popular streaming platform for young people.

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For more than 50 hours, a community of online players mobilized for Action Against Hunger.

A charitable action of a new kind which this year breaks all records of generosity with 10 million euros collected.


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This is the sixth time that the



platform has 

given an appointment to Internet users to raise funds.

This weekend, the ZEvent 2021 broke all records: ten million euros for the benefit of the NGO Action Against Hunger, nearly double the amount collected last year: 5.7 million for the benefit of 'Amnesty International.

We did it, they did it, YOU DID IT!

The 10 MILLION ✨ !!

We do not have the words in front of so much generosity!


🙏🏼 # ZEVENT2021 pic.twitter.com/MOyZY6jxUr

- ActionContreLaFaim (@ACF_France) November 1, 2021

At the origin of this online feat, the initiative of Adrien Nougaret (


), a Montpellier specialist in the organization of events on Twitch and Alexandre Dachary (



Around them, dozens of



on the famous platform but also invited personalities from the Youtube platform.


You realize ?!

THANK YOU ALL !!!! # ZEVENT2021 #FinDuRush pic.twitter.com/3iPuwGSEUU

- ZeratoR (@ZeratoR) October 31, 2021

Gathered at the Palais des Congrès de la Grande Motte in the south of France for three days, the


therefore offered video games, activities, challenges and events broadcast on their channels. The


specializing in politics, Jean Massiet, organized, for example, a flight on Flight Simulator between Montpellier and Moscow. Another event, “Questions for a streamer”, Twitch version of the famous television show 

Questions for a champion,

hosted by presenter Samuel Étienne and videographer Étoile. 

To motivate their community, each facilitator has set " 

donation goals

 " for each level of money reached.

One offers to sing on the Hellfest 2022 stage, another commits for 150,000 euros to cross Europe by hitchhiking.

Mister MV, a


, sang Nicolas Sarkozy's latest book with autotune.

A good-natured humor therefore to encourage people to take out the wallet.

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The president, Emmanuel Macron wished to underline the feat and congratulate Internet users for this charitable action of a new kind which mobilizes a younger audience via a community of online video players.

By mobilizing all together, we can move mountains: you did it # ZEVENT2021, you did it again this year!

A big thumbs up.


- Emmanuel Macron (@EmmanuelMacron) November 1, 2021

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