With the fourth wave of COVID-19 in Korea continuing, the number of new confirmed cases today (28th) again recorded 2,000.

The Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters announced that as of 00:00 today, the number of new confirmed cases increased by 2,111, to a cumulative total of 358,416.

It increased by 159 from yesterday (1,952 people) and rose again to the 2,000 level after 20 days since the 8th (2,172 people).

Compared to the last 21 days (1,441 people) a week ago, there are 670 more people.

This increase seems to be due to the easing of quarantine rules, such as the limit of the number of private gatherings (8 people in the metropolitan area and 10 people in non-metropolitan areas) from the 18th, ahead of the 'step-by-step recovery of daily life' next month.

In addition, it is analyzed that the impact of the increase in the number of meetings and movement as the quarantine tension is somewhat relaxed in anticipation of daily recovery ahead of the transition to the quarantine system to 'with Corona' is also analyzed.

Moreover, on Halloween Day (31st) this weekend, additional infections can be spread through various events and gatherings, so the authorities are paying attention.

The route of infection of today's new confirmed cases is 2,95 locally and 16 from overseas.

The number of daily confirmed cases has been in the four digits for 114 days in a row since July 7 (1,211 people) when the fourth epidemic started.

From the 22nd to today, 1,439 → 1,508 → 1,422 → 1,190 → 1,266 → 1,952 → 2,111 by day is.

(Photo = Yonhap News)