We told you last month of a case in which a man in his 40s wearing an electronic anklet fled to a foreign country after stealing someone else's money. It was controversial that the probation officer released the electronic anklet by believing in the simple words of a business trip, but the police caught the person in the Czech Republic.

Reporter Cho Hye-won of TJB reports.

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3rd of last month, 46-year-old A, who left for Dubai through Incheon International Airport, after threatening an acquaintance with a knife in Cheonan with a knife and stealing money worth 57 million won.

A, who fled after taking off an electronic anklet with the permission of the authorities for a business trip, was caught by the local police in the Czech Republic within 18 days.

Mr. A also stole the iPad of the woman he was living with and ran away. He paid for Netflix with the iPad in Dubai, and the police who checked the payment confirmed that Mr. A moved to the Czech Republic while tracking the iPad and quickly arrested him. .

[Go Wook-hwan / Cheonan Seobuk Police Station Criminal Division Director: The red wanted was issued very quickly. It seems to have interpolated with the Czech police by accurately locating the tracking and location and worked very well.] On

the 21st, he was repatriated to Korea and the police investigated. , it was confirmed that the crime was planned in advance.

Mr. A, who had always wanted to travel, arrived in Dubai and spent all his 30 million won in cash while staying at a hotel and enjoying luxury shopping.

The suspect, who fled abroad, was eventually arrested, but the problem of poor electronic anklet management remained a challenge.