Ford has seen a significant increase in sales and profits in the third quarter.

According to the American car manufacturer, this is because the company received many more chips and was therefore able to produce more cars.

Earlier in the year, Ford had to shut down many factories because of the chip shortages.

However, those are not quite over and could last until 2023, but Ford thinks the situation will improve further from the beginning of next year.

Ford's turnover in the months of July to September amounted to 35.7 billion dollars, just under 31 billion euros.

In the second quarter, sales still accounted for $26.8 billion in revenue.

Net profit fell year-on-year to $1.8 billion.

This was due to higher prices for, among other things, metal and energy, but also labour.

Ford thinks it will be able to record a higher gross profit this year than it previously thought.

The automaker now forecasts that gross profit will be between $10.5 and $11.5 billion.

The United States and Canada remain by far the largest markets for Ford.

In the home market, the company believes it can grow rapidly if production also allows it.

In Europe, Ford is still working to increase its profit margin and is already showing results.