Beijing, October 28th. On the 28th, AGM mobile phone held an online conference to release new G series flagship models-AGM G1 and AGM G1 Pro, which will be dual flagships with the original X series models. Product Strategy.

Unlike the X series, the G series features more outdoor practicability.

  AGM introduced at the new product launch conference that the AGM G1 and G1 Pro integrated fuselage, with -30 degrees Celsius normal use of ultra-low temperature technology, night vision function, laser ranging and other product functions.

  The difference between the two phones is that the AGM G1 Pro has a thermal imaging function, but the G1 does not.

The weight of the G1 is 360g, and the G1 Pro is 370g, which is the weight of two iPhone13s.

  According to AGM, the body of AGM G1 also meets the protection standards of IP68, IP69K, and American Standard 810H. The three protection standards correspond to one hour of immersion in a water depth of 1.5 meters, and resistance to 100BAR (1BAR equals 1 kg) of hot water at 80 degrees Celsius. Erosion, 1.5 meters, 6-sided anti-fall protection ability.

"AGM G1's American Standard 810H is a stricter certification than AGM X5's American Standard 810G. That is to say, AGM G1 has better body protection than AGM X5."

  "This is inseparable from the newly designed integrated body structure of the AGM G1. Only the screen and the back cover of the AGM G1 are separated. The whole phone is like a secret room with only a few vents. The advantage of this design is that it can give The internal components of the mobile phone provide safer protection." AGM explained.

  In addition, according to the information disclosed at the press conference, in addition to the traditional waterproof, drop-proof, and dust-proof, the antifreeze ability of AGM G1 has also been improved.

Equipped with a 6200mAh ultra-low temperature battery, it can be used for a day in an environment of -30 degrees Celsius, and it can also be indirectly practical in an environment of -40 degrees Celsius.

  In addition, AGM G1 Pro has made thermal imaging technology into an outdoor imaging system, which can not only take pictures, but also take videos, and can output thermal imaging image data immediately.

The night vision function of the AGM G1 series can be used to discover hidden cameras. If you are exploring outdoors, it can also be used as our other eye to see the road under our feet and far away and predict danger in advance. .

  According to the AGM announcement, the price of AGM G1 is 3699 yuan, and the price of AGM G1 Pro is 4999 yuan. The appointment has been opened and the sale will start at 20:00 on October 31.