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2,111 new confirmed cases of Corona 19 a day yesterday (27th), and it rose to the 2,000 level again in 20 days. Corona vaccine booster vaccination, the so-called booster shot plan has been announced, and it will be applied to adults in their 50s and those with underlying diseases from next month.

Correspondent Jang Se-man.


It is the first time in 20 days since October 8 that the number of new confirmed cases of COVID-19 recorded 2,000.

The number of confirmed cases increased for the fourth day in a row this week, and it is expected to return to the increase for the first time in four weeks on a weekly basis.

As of yesterday, 49.7 million people, or 79.8% of the population, had been vaccinated, and 36.97 million people, or 72% of the total population, were vaccinated.

Amid the accelerating rate of vaccination, a plan for a booster dose of the coronavirus vaccine called Booster Shot was announced today.

From next month, booster vaccination will start for adults in their 50s, those with underlying medical conditions, and those vaccinated by Janssen.

In principle, the booster vaccination should be administered 6 months after the primary vaccination, but immunocompromised persons who are at high risk of infection and those vaccinated with Janssen vaccines can start from 2 months later.

Those in their 50s had a much higher fatality rate from corona infection than other age groups, so they were included in the target of additional vaccinations.

In the midst of this, the first batch of Moderna vaccines consigned by Samsung Biologics was supplied to Korea for the first time today.

The domestically produced Moderna vaccine to be introduced this week is 2.43 million doses, which will be used for new vaccinations in the fourth quarter and additional vaccinations for high-risk groups.

The government will confirm and announce the final implementation plan at the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters meeting tomorrow based on the results of discussions in subcommittees, etc., regarding the phased recovery of daily life starting next month.