The police have secured a memo that can infer the motive of the suspect in the 'bottling water bottle incident' that took place at a company in Seocho-gu, Seoul.

The Seocho Police Station in Seoul announced today (28th) that several memos that appear to have been written by Kang appeared on the office desk of the suspect Kang.

It is known that the memo contains contents that can infer the suspect's motive and process, and was found while the staff was cleaning the office and handed over to the police.

In the meantime, the police have secured evidence to substantiate the charges, such as the content of Kang's purchase of poisons on the Internet, but since the deceased did not leave a will, it has been difficult to determine the motive of the crime.

With Kang's death, the case is expected to be closed with a disposition of 'no right to prosecute', but the police are continuing the investigation to ascertain the circumstances of the crime and whether it is an accomplice.