12 years ago, there was an incident in Jeju where a childcare teacher in her 20s was found dead. The perpetrator was not caught, and after a re-investigation, the taxi driver, who was a strong suspect, was brought to trial. Following the first and second trials, the Supreme Court also acquitted him.

More details will be provided by JIBS reporter Hyo-Hyeong Lee.


In February 2009, A, a female childcare teacher in her 20s, was found dead in a sewer on a farm road in Aewol-eup, Jeju-si.

The police arrested Mo Park, who was a taxi driver at the time, as a suspect, but there was no evidence, so they had no choice but to release him.

However, when the statute of limitations for murder was abolished in 2015, a re-investigation was conducted, and the investigation seemed to be speeding up as components such as fibers from the victim's clothes were found in the taxi.

Park, who was arrested again, was handed over to trial, but the first and second trial courts acquitted him for lack of evidence.

Since several passengers use the taxi, we decided that it was difficult to admit that Mr. A rode in Mr. Park's taxi just by finding fibers similar to Mr. A's clothes.

He also stated that the time of death of Mr. A cannot be specified only with the evidence submitted by the prosecution.

The Supreme Court made the same decision.

The Supreme Court dismissed the prosecution's appeal and affirmed the verdict of not guilty, saying that there was no error in the original judgment.

[Choi Young / Park's lawyer: itgoyo and prosecutors think it came to questioning the evidence submitted so accepted it until the first trial, second trial, and the Supreme valid conclusion]

the families of Mr. Victim A from the phone He said he knew that there was nothing more he could do, and that there was no hope left.

As this trial, which was called the Jeju version of Memories of Murder and drew national attention, was ultimately acquitted, the possibility that the murder case of a childcare teacher would remain permanently unsolved has increased.

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