At a restaurant in Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, a man estimated to be in his 50s threw a chair and cursed.

Recently on an online community, an article titled 'The truth about the restaurant's customers was revealed' was posted.

The author, who identified himself as the son of a restaurant owner, claimed that the mother, who runs the restaurant alone, was actually harmed by customers.

According to the author, customer A visited a restaurant in Tongjin-eup, Gimpo-si with one colleague at around 1 pm on the 26th and ordered a white plate for two.

Mr. A got angry when Mr. B, the restaurant owner, offered 5 side dishes and bean curd stew, complaining about the side dishes.

Then, he said, "Beef bone came out of the bean curd stew," and asked, "Isn't the leftover food being sold again?"

Mr. B explained, "The beef bone was added to make a thick broth," but Mr. A said, "I brought what others ate," and threw chopsticks and swears at him.

After that, Mr. A did not stop hanging, such as holding his hand at Mr. B and throwing a chair.

Feeling threatened by this, Mr. B ran out of the restaurant.

Mr. B was at a loss for what to do outside the restaurant, but with the help of a young man nearby, he managed to enter the restaurant.

It is known that when Mr. B entered the restaurant with the young man, Mr. A ate quietly and left the restaurant.

The author said, "My mother said that she ran away from the restaurant because she thought, 'I could die like this.'

He continued, "My mother, who usually sleeps around 9 p.m., has recently been unable to sleep until dawn.

Mr. B reported Mr. A to the police and plans to file a complaint soon by submitting CCTV footage.

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(Photo=Online Community 'Bae Dream')