There must have been times when you experienced inconvenience due to the nuisance of some audiences in theaters and movie theaters.

Recently, during a movie screening at a movie theater in Seoul, the lights suddenly turned on.

On the 26th, during a movie screening at a movie theater in Yongsan, Seoul, an audience turned on the light switch while going to the bathroom.

The rest of the audience did not know English and had to watch the movie with the lights on for about two minutes.

It is said that the ticket price for the theater was 18,000 won, which was more expensive than other places, and the scene being screened at the time was also an important part of the context of the movie.

After the movie was over, the audience protested to the cinema staff as a group, and it is known that the staff explained to the effect that 'the old man wanted to go to the bathroom, but he couldn't open the door so he turned on the light switch at the entrance'.

The movie theater side said, 'It's difficult to compensate because it's the audience's fault,' and 'we will strengthen guidance on viewing etiquette in the future'.

Regarding this, some netizens say, 'Isn't it the cinema's job to manage unexpected situations, and the cinema should be held responsible'?

In addition, various opinions are being shared, such as 'why does the cinema compensate for the fault of the audience?'