Online video lectures are continuing due to COVID-19. There are many advantages, but since it is non-face-to-face, various problems occur.

Reporter Park Jae-hyeon reports exclusively.


Professor A of a major class at Hanyang University's Erica campus this morning was conducting the 9th week lecture.

It was an online lecture, but it was conducted only by voice.

However, during class, the web camera suddenly turned on and the professor appeared.

The screens the students witnessed were shocking.

The professor was teaching class while soaking his body in water in the bathtub.

[Lecture Student: It was a shock. I took this class, not the bath appreciation class. I was embarrassed.] After

realizing the fact, the professor immediately turned off the camera, but the class continued.

[Student: He didn't say anything, he talked calmly about the class, and the sound of water was constantly splashing in the middle.] The



witnessed was also shocking, but the students suspect that this will not be the first time.

This is because there have been constant stories about how strange it is because of the sound of water and the rumble that we hear during class.

[Other students: About two weeks ago, I got a call from a student I was listening to saying that I could hear the sound of water, but I guess he's taking a foot bath.

There must be some reason, but I passed...

.] When the

problem arose, Professor A sent an e-mail to the students, saying, "I got a corona vaccine and had a high fever.

The school said that it would hold a personnel committee meeting tomorrow to find out the facts and decide whether to discipline Professor A.

It is known that Professor A explained to the school that he had never held classes in the bathroom before.

(Video coverage: Yang Hyun-cheol, video editing: Kim Jong-tae)