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next week, in principle, you cannot use the gym or public bath unless you have received the corona vaccine or have a negative confirmation. There are also opinions that this is discrimination against those who have not received the vaccine and that there is a problem with equity, but the government is thinking that it will be implemented as scheduled.

Reporter Park Soo-jin reported.


After the vaccine pass policy was announced, this gym receives nearly 10 inquiries a day.

[Jeong Tae-young / Gym President: I keep getting inquiries about 10 cases a day. (Membership) There were a lot of inquiries about suspension or refund, and people who want to register a new one also asked what the vaccine pass would be like... .] The

main users are young people under the age of 40, because the vaccination completion rate for these age groups is only around 70%.

[Jeong Tae-young/President of the gym: I hope that it will be implemented over a period of time. It is possible to use (the gym), but it is possible to use the shower room only for the vaccinated person, so it is a little flexible... .]

Another vaccine pass-applied facility, the bathhouse, also raises the issue of 'equity'.

The restaurant where you take off your mask and eat food, and the shower room in the golf course with the same bath facilities, asks why they were excluded from the subject.

[Yang Nak-jin/Chairman of the Korea Bath Industry Association: Even if it is a golf course or shower facility in such a place, it is unacceptable that we wash and shower the same indoors, and that it is applied only to us just because it is a bathroom.]

The Korea Bath Industry Association delivered a proposal to the government to remove the bathhouse from the vaccine pass application.

In response to the point that the application of the vaccine pass should be delayed as there is confusion in the initial field, the government said that the vaccine pass is a minimum risk control measure, reviewing the guidance period, but nailing that there is no delay in introduction.

[Sohn Young-rae/Chief of Social Strategy Team at Central Accident Remediation Headquarters: I think that there are no issues with the delay of the introduction of the vaccine pass now.] If

the step-by-step recovery plan including the vaccine pass is effective, As empathy and participation of facilities is essential, the government should focus on active communication rather than compulsory application.

(Video editing: Kim Seon-tak, VJ: Oh Se-kwan)

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