The US telecom watchdog Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has revoked China Telecom's license, so that the company can no longer do business in the US.

The reason is that the Chinese state-owned company is "exploited, influenced and controlled by the Chinese government,"

The Wall Street Journal



The revocation of the license is part of a tougher approach to counter Chinese links to US telecom networks.

Earlier, the Chinese tech company Huawei was banned by the US, among others.

China Telecom has not yet commented on the decision.

In the US, the group offers mobile services for businesses and consumers.

China Telecom has previously denied that its operations in the US pose a security risk.

The company also said it is working with US regulators.

The Tump government has drawn up a blacklist of Chinese companies.

These companies are no longer allowed to do business in the US because, according to the Americans, they have ties to the Chinese military.

The United States has long suspected the companies of sharing sensitive information with the Chinese government.