The bereaved family of the 13th president, the late Roh Tae-woo, welcomed mourners at the funeral home of Seoul National University Hospital today (27th).

At 10 am today, when a mortuary was set up in Room 3 of the funeral hall of Seoul National University Hospital, his wife Ok-sook Kim and her daughter So-young Noh, director of the Art Center Nabi, took the seat.

Lawyer Roh Jae-heon, who was on a business trip to the UK, returned to Korea this morning and went to the mortuary after being tested for COVID-19 and tested negative.

Lawyer Noh, who arrived at the mortuary at around 12:08 pm, gave a light bow to reporters and stood in front of the statue.

After burning incense, he turned back and bowed twice.

After that, he greeted his family and sat in the supreme seat, and even greeted the mourners who were having a meal.

Chey Tae-won, chairman of SK Group, who is filing for divorce from Director Roh as the legal son-in-law of Mr. Roh, also visited the funeral home at 10:28 am today.

Chairman Choi, who entered the mortuary with a stiff expression in a black mask, bowed in front of the portrait for about 5 seconds and then bowed.

Director Noh, who stood in the permanent seat, looked at this with a calm expression.

Chairman Choi then had a brief conversation with Director Roh and his children, and the bereaved family was caught nodding their heads at Chairman Choi's words.

Chairman Choi left the mortuary and exchanged greetings with former Prime Minister Roh Jae-bong and others at a restaurant on the other side.

After 10 minutes of condolences, Chairman Choi met with reporters and said, "My heart is very hurt."

It is reported that Chairman Choi will go on a business trip to the United States after completing his condolences.

(Photo = Yonhap News)