<Criticist Koh Hyun-joon>

It was reported that a man in his 40s in Korea had been vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine four times to receive a vaccination certificate.

A man in his 40s, who stayed in the United States for business earlier this year, received the Pfizer vaccine twice in April and May in the United States after hearing that those who have been vaccinated will be exempted from quarantine for two weeks when entering Korea. I did.

After returning to Korea, Mr. A was scheduled to travel to Thailand again in November, and he needed an inoculation certificate from Korea.

However, he was unable to obtain an inoculation certificate with the vaccination card he received in the United States, and he had no choice but to receive the Pfizer vaccine twice last month and again this month.

To this end, they falsely recorded that they had never been vaccinated in the documents submitted to the health authorities at the time of vaccination.

I have been vaccinated 4 times, and fortunately, no side effects have been reported.

An official from the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said, 'This is the first time I've heard of a person who has been vaccinated with the corona vaccine 4 times.'

Now, even if you have been vaccinated abroad, you can still get a vaccination certificate, so we will be revisiting the cases that happened in the past once again.


Yes, it is.

I think this was a very coincidental point of view.

There were a lot of complaints about people who got the vaccine overseas because they couldn't get their vaccination certificate in Korea.

Recently, the government has made improvements, so if you go to a public health center with your vaccination certificate and ID, you can check it, right?

<Ko Hyeon-jun, current affairs critic>


If you have the required documents, you can issue them.



Even those who have been vaccinated abroad, I wondered if it would be possible to avoid getting the vaccine multiple times if you faithfully inquire with the relevant institutions.