A little red and orange, and presto, it's like being on Mars!

Or not.

A master's degree in Photopshop is not enough to make people believe in poisoning, as shown in a manipulated photo.

Here, they want us to think that NASA transformed a photo of a Bulgarian natural site to pass it off as an image of the red planet.

Here is that statement:


The altered image was not released by the US space agency.

We find no trace of it in the images of Mars published on its site.

NASA has also denied having published such an image to our colleagues at Reuters.

The original image was published in 2016 on the

 National Geographic

magazine website


Taken by Echo Zhekov, it shows the site of Pobiti Kamani.

Located in Bulgaria, about twenty kilometers from the Black Sea, it is made up of "limestone columns", unique in the world, and probably formed "around natural seeps of methane gas", according to Unesco.

The poisonings on the planet Mars are flourishing.

In February, we had already checked another image, which claimed to show Earth, Venus, and Jupiter lined up from the Red Planet.

Another manipulation.


Solar system: Lucy's journey, NASA's first mission to the Trojan asteroids, has begun


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