Prosecutor Son Jun-seong, who is accused of instigating an accusation against passport officials last year, received a substantive examination of the warrant today (26th). It seems that the arrest or not will be decided soon.

Reporter Bae Jun-woo, what was the issue in today's arrest warrant review?


The substantive examination of the warrant lasted about two and a half hours.

First, the hand prosecutor emphasized that the right to defense was not properly guaranteed.

[Son Jun-seong/Prosecutor: I will explain the injustice of the warrant request to the judge in detail.]

Then, going into the courtroom, Prosecutor Sohn displayed the documents prepared in advance on the screen to assert the procedural injustice of this investigation and his own innocence.

In this regard, the Ministry of Airborne Affairs emphasized that the arrest investigation was inevitable because Prosecutor Sohn refused to be summoned several times.

In the end, whether or not a warrant is issued will depend on the extent to which the Public Security Service has proven the allegations necessary for this arrest investigation.


So, in the end, the outcome will depend on what kind of evidence, that is, the evidence the airlifter has.


Yes, that seems to be the case.

The Ministry of Airborne Affairs first requested an arrest warrant, but it was dismissed.

However, a few days later, an arrest warrant was requested.

In general, although the conditions for issuing an arrest warrant are more stringent than that of an arrest warrant, there is a view that the Ministry of Airlift and Security has requested an arrest warrant, whether there is progress in the investigation by securing material evidence.

So I inquired about this part to the Air Transport Agency, and they replied that there was nothing definite, but that there could be something in detail.

On the other hand, it seems that they are not convinced of the issuance of warrants, considering that they have already written the position of the Air Force in all cases of issuance and dismissal of arrest warrants.

Today's warrant review is conducted by Judge Lee Se-chang, who is in charge of warrants, and today's results are expected to come out late at night.

(Video coverage: Kim Yong-woo, video editing: Lee Seung-hee, on-site moderator: Compilation-hyung)