The police have launched an investigation into how the text message that Shim Suk-hee, the national short track speed skater, shared with coach A during the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics was leaked.

The IP address of the account that reported the message to the media was identified as the house of the older sister and wife of former coach Jo Jae-beom, and the police seized and searched these houses.

The Gyeonggi Nambu Police Agency said on the 22nd that it had seized and searched the home of the older sister of Cho, a former coach in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province, and secured a laptop and USB.

The police have launched their own investigation into allegations of defamation against Shim.

The police explained, "In the process of determining how the contents of the text message were leaked and reported, the IP of the house of Cho's former coach's older sister and his wife was seized and searched."

The allegation arose when the contents of the "attorney's opinion" submitted to the court by former coach Cho, who was sentenced to 13 years in prison at the appeals court for committing a sex crime against Shim for over three years, were released to the press.

The private texts that Shim and Coach A allegedly exchanged during the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics contained gossip about their national teammates.

Recently, the Sports Civic Solidarity, a sports civic group, urged former coach Cho and some media to stop the secondary assault, who is on trial for sexual assault.