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work of gradually bringing back the daily life that was taken away by the corona begins in earnest. A draft of the government quarantine system for a step-by-step recovery of daily life will be released on the afternoon of the 25th. It seems that the plan will include lifting restrictions on business hours for restaurants and cafes, and gradually increasing the number of people who can gather.

Reporter Park Soo-jin reports.

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government will hold a public hearing this afternoon and unveil a draft implementation plan for the gradual restoration of daily life.

The key is to ease quarantine regulations in stages by comprehensively reviewing the vaccination completion rate and quarantine status. First, it is expected that the business hours restrictions will be lifted, focusing on livelihood facilities such as restaurants and cafes, and facilities with low risk of infection, such as movie theaters and academies.

The easing of restrictions on the number of people at meetings and events is expected to be done more carefully.

In some high-risk facilities that emit a lot of droplets in entertainment facilities or enclosed spaces, it is expected that the draft will include a plan to use only those who have completed inoculation or those who have confirmed negative within 48 hours by applying the vaccination certificate and negative confirmation system.

Incentives will be strengthened focusing on those who have completed vaccination, but measures are being considered so that children and adolescents with delayed vaccination opportunities or those who have not been vaccinated due to unavoidable circumstances will not be left behind.

[Kim Bu-gyeom/Prime Minister (last 22nd): If there is a need to introduce an inoculation certificate and negative confirmation system, we will design and operate the system while fully considering the situation of those who are not vaccinated or those who have difficulty getting vaccinated due to health reasons.]

The government is also preparing an emergency plan to temporarily limit the number of people or business hours again if the number of confirmed cases increases due to easing of quarantine.

The government will announce the final draft on the 29th after a public hearing and expert discussion.

Consumption revitalization measures will be announced tomorrow in line with the transition to the quarantine system, and plans to resume the use of consumption coupons for dining out, accommodation, travel, and movies and to hold consumption events such as Korea Sale Festa are being considered.