Netflix is ​​a Joke is a section of the popular streaming platform dedicated to stand-up shows.

But lately, she's trying her hand at some more wacky ideas.

The proof with the short film

Mr. Puzzles Wants You To Be Less Alive.

The particularity of this film of 4 minutes 22 is that it was entirely created by an AI who, in order to do this, watched 400,000 hours of horror films, in order to extract a script and an animated adaptation of this one.


The starting pitch is as follows: Jennifer is kidnapped and tied over several chainsaws while her executioner Mr Puzzles rides a tricycle with a mask on her face.

It is easy to spot certain references to famous films, like

Jennifer's Body



, but the end result is quite strange and not very coherent, especially at the level of the dialogues which do not make sense, the dehumanized voices or certain elements of the scenario (like blue whales that have nothing to do in a shed).

It's a great technological innovation, but there is still work to be done.

Hopefully the next bot creation is a bit more realistic.


IA: Will machines be able to demonstrate musical creativity without human assistance?

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