The German national team has never had a problem with goalkeepers.

At most, even a non-nominated Kevin Trapp could be number one.

We do not know whether the programmers of the video game Fifa 22 had an eye on the competition.

But the keepers have gotten better, so much better that the attacker can almost lose his mood.

It feels like the striker has to carry the ball into the goal.

That in turn fits into the action, because the entire process has become a little slower for the new season.

There is more emphasis on passes and positional play.

And Artificial Intelligence actually learns, it runs free better, that is a gain.

Holger Appel

Editor in business, responsible for "Technology and Engine".

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The most noticeable innovation is called Hypermotion. The developers have real players with capture suits (Xsens Suits) compete against each other in order to be able to imitate the movements. Although there are still some errors on the screen, the gameplay seems more realistic. EA Sports is on an exciting path here, but only owners of the Sony Playstation PS 5 or the Microsoft Xbox Series X / S can go along with it.

We also like the opportunity that has now been created to found our own club, with a jersey, coat of arms, stadium, goal anthem, budget and expectations of the board of directors.

In this way, anyone who wants to become a real football manager at the Playstation after their professional career can practice.

The waving salary would be good to use, everything will be more expensive.

Fifa too.

The 2022 version costs 80 instead of the previous 70 euros.

And we find the innovations a little too hesitant for that, for the next season we would like more from the attack department.

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