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Twitter has released an

internal report

in which it studies how its platform amplifies the political content of its tweets in different countries of the world, including



A study that, in the case of our country, concludes that the

Popular Party is the one that receives the greatest amplification of its message by its algorithms

, followed by the PSOE, United We Can and Vox, which is the

one that receives

the least amplification. of your algorithm.

Regarding the formation led by Santiago Abascal, Twitter includes it in the category of

"extreme ideologies"

with parliamentary representation and



Vox as an example of a "extreme right" party

in its report.

A categorization for which

Twitter has used Wikipedia as a reference compass


According to the report itself, "Wikipedia entries have been selected mentioning the association [of the parties] with far-right or far-left ideologies".

A report made public the same day that

the deputy of Vox, Manuel Mariscal

, asked the representative of public policies of Twitter Spain,

Camino Rojo

, in parliament about the

"ideological bias"

of the bird's social network, ensuring that "thousands of users report having suffered censorship on their platform for ideological reasons ".


accusations and the perception

that Twitter exercises ideological censorship or that it favors political rivals is a constant

in our country and internationally


A perception that, in the case of the United States, grew after Twitter chose to close the account of the incumbent president, Donald Trump.

A year later, Trump has reacted by creating his own social network.




assures that the Popular Party is the party that receives the greatest amplification from its algorithm

in our country with an average amplification of its messages

higher than 200%

, even exceeding 250% in its upper margin.

In the case of the

PSOE and Unidas Podemos,

the amplification is around


although in the case of the formation led by Sánchez, said amplification reaches higher margins.


Vox would

be found

with an amplification close to



With regard to Spain, the



considers "the PSOE, United We Can and their support of the Basque nationalist party as those who govern



Likewise, "it considers the Popular Party, Vox and ERC as the opposition."

Among the results for our country, the Twitter study also shows that

the right is more amplified than the left

, the Spanish right being the one that receives the most amplification from Twitter of all those studied.

When it comes to studying the "amplification of extreme parties" versus the "amplification of moderate parties", in the case

of Spain the "moderate parties" would be more than 200% amplified according to Twitter


A comparison that, in the case of Spain, identifies the popular as "moderate" and Vox as "extreme."

Finally, when it comes to measuring "amplification of the opposition" versus "amplification of the government", in the case of Spain there would be a

balance of equal amplification


This is how the study was done

The company explains that in the 'timeline' view you can choose between a view in reverse chronological order or a view ordered by the algorithm.

In this second case, users see 'tweets' from the accounts they follow but also content that may interest them based on their frequent interactions.

For Twitter, what the user sees in his 'timeline' can be described as "a function of how he interacts with the algorithmic system", they indicate from Twitter.

In fact, in his new study he has analyzed whether the algorithm of recommendations amplifies the political content.

And for this, it has focused on the 'tweets' shared by elected politicians from seven countries (Spain, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States), which represent "only a small part of the political content on the platform ".

In his analysis, which compares the political amplification in the two views of the 'timeline', he has also focused on determining whether there are some political groups, or even the media, that have greater amplification than others.

And it has done so between April 1 and August 15, 2020 with millions of tweets from the accounts managed by the elected politicians of the seven countries.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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