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The vaccination completion rate for all Koreans has reached 68.2% (as of October 22).

As the number of people who have been vaccinated increases, it is now easier to find people complaining about the side effects of the vaccine.

Of the 799 people who died after receiving the vaccine (as of October 20, 1,127 people included those who died after being first reported due to other adverse reactions), two of them were recognized as having causality as a result of the vaccine. only on


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Now that the Corona 19 situation is nearing its second year, booster shots have also started in earnest, and edible COVID-19 treatments are emerging one after another.

About the causality of vaccine adverse reactions and side effects, and about everything surrounding the current Corona 19, Video Mug asked SBS medical reporter Cho Dong-chan and Korea University preventive medicine professor Choi Jae-wook a question instead.  

Written by: Park Ha-jeong / Video coverage: Choi Jun-sik / Editing: Kim In-seon / CM: Intern Byun Eun-seo               

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