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Designing a business structure favorable to Hwacheon Daeyu

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Attorney "Unsubstantiated Content"

The prosecution investigation revealed that Yoo Dong-gyu, the former head of the planning division of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, proposed to Attorney Nam Wook, who was promoting private development in Daejang-dong in 2012, with the intention of 'if you help establish the corporation, I will give you the right to develop a public-private development business'.

According to the partially disclosed indictment of Dong-gyu Yoo, the prosecution concluded that the former head of the department, Dong-gyu Dong, promised to provide various conveniences to Hwacheon Daeyu in the process of selecting a business operator and receive 70 billion won in return when public-private development was promoted after the establishment of the construction. It happened.

In 2012, former general manager Yoo suggested to lawyer Nam, "If you help establish the corporation, I will be selected as a private business operator so that the public-private partnership can develop Daejang-dong."

It is known that former general manager Yoo was introduced to lawyer Nam by Choi Yoon-gil, then chairman of the Seongnam City Council.

After the ordinance on the establishment of the corporation was passed in February 2013, under the leadership of former Chairman Choi, Yoo said to lawyer Nam, "You can also do the zoning plan for the Daejang-dong development project. It appeared that he asked for only 300 million won within a week."

Accordingly, lawyer Nam, accountant Jeong Young-hak, and Jeong Jae-chang each raised money and delivered 325 million won to former general manager Yoo at the Gangnam room salon between April and August of that year.

Prosecutors found this money to be worthwhile and applied the charge of bribery under the Special Act.

However, it is known that the indictment did not state what kind of help Nam, etc., had provided for the establishment of the corporation.

Prosecutors also wrote in the indictment that after the establishment of the corporation, in the process of selecting a business operator, the work was actually carried out with a bias toward Hwacheon Daeyu.

After receiving a request from Hwacheon Daewoo for convenience in selecting a business operator, in November 2014, a strategic business office was established under the Planning Headquarters to hire lawyer Min-yong Jeong, a college junior of lawyer Nam, and accountant Min-geol Kim, an acquaintance of accountant Jeong, affecting the business. I saw that you gave

I believe that Hwacheon Daewoo conducted a favorable review by having the public offering guidelines be prepared and publicized, ignoring the necessity of the excess profit recovery clause raised by the working-level team, and lawyer Jung as a member of the business selection review committee.

Afterwards, the prosecution saw that former general manager Yoo demanded a price from Kim at a karaoke bar in Bundang in October last year, and that Mr. Kim promised, "I will give about 70 billion won in consideration of the contribution in the meantime."

It was found that Kim mentioned high-priced Yuwon Holdings stocks, direct payment of the Cheonhwa-dongin No. 1 dividend, and a gift after receiving the Cheonhwa-dongin No. 1 dividend as a payment method of 70 billion won.

Prosecutors found that after several discussions between February and April of this year, they decided to pay 42.8 billion won after tax deductions from 70 billion won, and applied charges to former general manager Yoo on the charge of taking bribes after illegal treatment.

The charges were made based on the transcripts of Accountant Jung, the recording files submitted by Attorney Nam, and the statements of the parties, and did not significantly exceed the level of suspicion raised by the media.

However, there is no concrete evidence, and as former general manager Yoo and Mr. Kim completely deny these allegations, a fierce court battle is expected in court.

In fact, Yoo's lawyer said, "We are denying all the charges, and all of the charges are unsubstantiated, so we plan to fight during the trial process."

In particular, the defense plans to raise questions about the admissibility of the transcripts of accountant Jung, which the prosecution uses as key evidence.

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